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The Champlain Saint-Lambert Cavaliers held their annual Athletic Awards Banquet on Friday, April 12th at the Sandman Hotel in Longueuil, bringing their 2018-19 seasons to an official close with an evening of celebration. Over 150 student-athletes from the Cavaliers’ 10 teams were in attendance, joined by Mme. Nicole Ménard (Députée de Laporte), Dean Howie (Director of Student Services) and Maria Bologna (HR Director), in addition to the coaches, assistants, academic coaches and Athletic Therapy staff.

65 team awards were handed out, including awards for Academic Excellence, Most Valuable Athlete, Most Improved Athlete, the Unsung Hero Award and the Athletic Leadership Award, who’s recipients were selected by their teammates. In addition, the Cavaliers recognized the student-athletes named to their respective all-star teams as well as those recognized as CCAA Academic All-Canadians, RSEQ Academic-All-Stars, and graduating Cavaliers while honoring those who have maintained and 80% or above average during their years as a Cavalier. A complete list of award winners can be found below.

Three Cavaliers were named to the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association’s Academic All-Canadian Team f0r 2018-19. The Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association’s Academic All-Canadian Award is presented to a student-athlete who was has been named to their conference all-star team, provincial championship all-star team or to a CCAA championship all-star team while having an 80% or higher average during the semester. Our Academic All-Canadians are:

Thalia Karuth-Ibraz (Women’s Soccer) 
Melissa Dagenais
(Women’s Soccer)
Samantha Flood (Cross-Country Running)

Emily Payne, the Champlain Student Association’s president, was awarded the Cavaliers Athletic Shield, presented annually in appreciation and recognition to someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the Champlain Cavaliers Athletic’s program. Emily has been a driving force this past year on building and increasing collaboration between the CSA and the Cavaliers.

The 2018-19 Female Athlete of the Year nominees were Karima Lemire (Women’s Soccer), Samantha Flood (Cross-Country Running) and Sara Parker (Women’s Flag Football), with Lemire taking the award. Karima was named an RSEQ All-Star, RSEQ Player of the Year and an All-Tournament All-Star at the 2018 CCAA Women’s Soccer Nationals, where the Cavaliers won their first ever national title. Karima has been a well-respected leader on her team and we look forward to seeing her continue her career at university!

Nominees for the Male Athlete of the year included Karl Belley (Cross-Country Running), Kein Maisonneuve (Men’s Basketball) and Jeremy Murphy (Football). RSEQ Offensive All-Star and RSEQ Offensive Player of the Year, Jeremy Murphy, was named the winner for 2018-19. Leading his team to the play-offs with a 5-3 record, Murphy had 6 TDs, 20 receptions for 527 yards, averaging 26.4 yards per game.  Jeremy demonstrated his value on the field of play as well as in the locker room where he stood out as a leader,

The team with the best academic average was the Badminton team, passing 99% of all their classes taken with a team average of 83% while the award for the Graduating Cavalier with the highest academic standing was presented to Kevin Constantineau from the Badminton team with a 94% average over his two years of study!

Images from the evening can be found at Champlain Saint-Lambert Flickr

Complete Awards List

Major Awards

Cavaliers Athletic Shield: Emily Payne
Graduating Cavalier with the Highest Academic Average: Kevin Constantineau
Cavalier Team with Highest Average: Badminton
Female Athlete of the Year: Karima Lemire
Male Athlete of the Year: Jeremy Murphy

Team Awards


Most Improved Athlete: Kira Dias
Unsung Hero: Chloé Le Lann
Athletic Leadership Award: Simon Mayrand
Most Valuable Athlete (Male): Alain Weng
Most Valuable Athlete (Female): Sonia Shi
Academic Excellence: Kevin Constantineau

Men’s Basketball

Most Improved Athlete: Tre-Vaughn Minott
Unsung Hero: Charles Couture
Athletic Leadership Award: Corey Nzigamasabo
Most Valuable Athlete: Kein Maisonneuve
Academic Excellence: Esaïe Maurancy

Women’s Basketball

Most Improved Athlete: Kenya Côté-Lysius
Unsung Hero: Nadine Katumbayi
Athletic Leadership Award: Audrey Tornblom
Most Valuable Athlete: Misenga Muteba
Academic Excellence: Chelsea Henry

Cross-Country Running

Most Improved Athlete (Male): Scott Zidle
Most Improved Athlete (Female): Laurie Dufort
Unsung Hero (Male): Jeremy Burg
Unsung Hero (Female): Mathilde Parent
Athletic Leadership Award: Samuel Côté
Most Valuable Athlete (Male): Karl Belley
Most Valuable Athlete (Female): Samantha Flood
Academic Excellence: Anne Bastien

Women’s Flag Football

Most Improved Athlete: Marika Dallaire
Athletic Leadership Award: Sara Bortolussi-Courval
Most Valuable Defensive Player: Robyn Matthews
Most Valuable Offensive Player: Sara Parker
Academic Excellence: Rachel Beaudoin


Rookie of the Year: Dryden Clark / Tristan Gauthier-Norris
Adam Taylor Athletic Leadership Award: Benjamin Bergeron
Most Valuable Lineman: Sebastiano Ferroni
Most Valuable Defensive Player: Salim Lammali
Most Valuable Offensive Player: Jeremy Murphy
Academic Excellence: Alessandro d’Aquila

Men’s Soccer

Most Improved Athlete: Olivier d’Anjou
Unsung Hero: Nicolas Théberge
Athletic Leadership Award: Kyle-Vincent Garcia
Most Valuable Athlete: Zakaria Bahous
Academic Excellence: Mezen Jemel

Women’s Soccer

Most Improved Athlete: Thalia Krauth-Ibarz
Unsung Hero: Mathilde Lefebvre Lalande
Athletic Leadership Award: Thalia Krauth-Ibarz
Most Valuable Athlete: Karima Lemire
Academic Excellence: Stefanie Kouzas

Men’s Volleyball

Most Improved Athlete: Timothy Taggart
Unsung Hero: Philippe Geukers
Jimmy Chen Fair Play Award: Philippe Geukers
Most Valuable Athlete: Karl-Antoine Hogue
Academic Excellence: Karl-Antoine Hogue

Women’s Volleyball

Most Improved Athlete: Madison Arns
Unsung Hero: Emmanuelle Roy Dewar
Athletic Leadership Award: Alexandria Bergeron
Most Valuable Athlete: Alexandria Bergeron
Academic Excellence: Lysa Houadj

Special Awards

RTP Comeback of the Year

Olivia Mazzarello (Women’s Soccer)

The Empire-Lemontagne Award

Nadine Katumbayi  (Women’s Basketball)
Berthrand Masabo (Men’s Basketball)

Academic Awards

Most Improved Team


Team With Highest Average


Academic All-Canadians

The Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association’s Academic All-Canadian Award is presented to a student-athlete who was has been named to their conference all-star team, provincial championship all-star team or to a CCAA nationals all-star team while having an 80% or higher average during the semester.
Thalia Karuth-Ibraz (Women’s Soccer) 
Melissa Dagenais
(Women’s Soccer)
Samantha Flood (Cross-Country Running)

RSEQ Scholar Athletes

The RSEQ honors its student athletes who have an 80% or higher average over their last two full semesters while they compete as student-athletes at their colleges. The following student-athletes have done so over the Winter 2018 and Fall 2018 semesters.

Kevin Constantineau (Badminton)
Cassandra Desroches (Badminton)
Frédérique Laprise (Badminton)
John Lester Montepio Maquio (Badminton)
Emile Martel (Badminton)
Simon Mayrand (Badminton)
Sonia Shi (Badminton)
Xavier Tran-Khanh (Badminton)
Alain Weng (Badminton)
Ali Elzein (Men’s Basketball)
Zachary Lavoie Toure (Men’s Basketball)
Esaïe Maurancy (Men’s Basketball)
Chelsea Henry (Women’s Basketball)
Audrey Tornblom (Women’s Basketball)
David Ag Bazet (Cross-Country Running)
Anne Bastien (Cross-Country Running)
Jeremy Burg (Cross-Country Running)
Samuel Côté (Cross-Country Running)
Laurie Dufort (Cross-Country Running)
Charles Gauthier (Cross-Country Running)
Mikaël Lespérance (Cross-Country Running)
Maxim Tchernykh (Cross-Country Running)
Lia Toshkova (Cross-Country Running)
Claudie Vaillancourt (Cross-Country Running)
Scott Zidle (Cross-Country Running)
William Comtois (Football)
Alessandro D’Aquila (Football)

Mustapha Al Bachir Faye (Football)
Salim Lammali (Football)
Tristan Mancini (Football)
Raffaele Morelli (Football)
Simon Ryan-Plourde (Football)
Dante R Sparagna (Football)
Kyle-Vincent Garcia (Men’s Soccer)
Mathieu Gobeil (Men’s Soccer)
Mezen Jemel (Men’s Soccer)
Stefanie Kouzas (Women’s Soccer)
Thalia Krauth-Ibarz (Women’s Soccer)
Karima Lemire (Women’s Soccer)
Olivia Mazzarello (Women’s Soccer)
Philippe Geukers (Men’s Volleyball)
Karl-Antoine Hogue (Men’s Volleyball)
Sam Lafrance-Jones (Men’s Volleyball)
Timothy Taggart (Men’s Volleyball)
Alexandria Bergeron (Women’s Volleyball)
Rachel Beaudoin (Women’s Flag Football)
Sara Bortolussi-Courval (Women’s Flag Football)
Marika Dallaire (Women’s Flag Football)
Robyn Matthews (Women’s Flag Football)
Megan Mc Manus (Women’s Flag Football)
Brittney Mc Manus (Women’s Flag Football)
Elizabeth Paradis (Women’s Flag Football)
Sara Parker (Women’s Flag Football)
Alicia Vanier (Women’s Flag Football)

Graduating Cavaliers

67 Cavaliers will be graduating this year. Students “With Distinction” are graduating students who have attained and maintained an 80%+ over their playing careers.

David Ag Bazet (With Distinction)
Anne Bastien (With Distinction)
Rachel Beaudoin (With Distinction)
Nicolas Belliveau
Alexandria Bergeron (With Distinction)
Sara Bortolussi-Courval (With Distinction)
Kévin Bouchard
Audrey Bourassa
Vanessa Budimunda Bilekela
Jeremy Burg (With Distinction)
Marco Caballero
Jade Carrière
William Comtois (With Distinction)
Kevin Constantineau (With Distinction)
Samuel Côté (With Distinction)
Charles Couture
Jonathan Cruz
Marika Dallaire (With Distinction)
Alexandra Stefania Dascalescu (With Distinction)
Catherine Dessureault
Lenda Diarra
Kira Dias
Laurie Dufort (With Distinction)
Ali Elzein (With Distinction)
Mustapha Al Bachir Faye (With Distinction)
Floralie Fontaine (With Distinction)
Kyle-Vincent Garcia (With Distinction)
Michael Gattuso
Charles Gauthier (With Distinction)
Philippe Geukers (With Distinction)
Mathieu Gobeil
Shokhab Haydari
Karl-Antoine Hogue (With Distinction)
Mezen Jemel (With Distinction)

Thalia Krauth-Ibarz (With Distinction)
Sam Lafrance-Jones (With Distinction)
Salim Lammali (With Distinction)
Frédérique Laprise (With Distinction)
Zachary Lavoie Toure (With Distinction)
Karima Lemire
Mikaël Lespérance (With Distinction)
Jean-Sébastien Lord
Tristan Mancini
John Lester Maquio
Emile Martel (With Distinction)
Berthrand Masabo
Robyn Matthews (With Distinction)
Simon Mayrand (With Distinction)
Megan Mc Manus (With Distinction)
Corey Nzigamasabo
Zachary Palmer
Elizabeth Paradis (With Distinction)
Kayton Pompilus
Béatrice Provençal
Alexia Rémillard
Émilie Rooke
Simon Ryan-Plourde (With Distinction)
Philippe Seveno
Sonia Shi (With Distinction)
Nicolas St-Pierre
Timothy Taggart (With Distinction)
Maxim Tchernykh (With Distinction)
Audrey Tornblom (With Distinction)
Xavier Tran-Khanh (With Distinction)
Alicia Vanier (With Distinction)
Alain Weng (With Distinction)
Scott Zidle (With Distinction)


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