Men’s Soccer Awards

Individual Awards

The following awards are presented each year to student-athletes from each team in each of these categories:

  • Most Improved Athlete: Given to the student-athlete who has shown and demonstrated an improvement in their play and growth during the season.
  • Rookie of the Year: Presented to a first-year student-athlete who has demonstrated exceptional talent with their team over the season.
  • Unsung Hero Award: Presented to the student-athlete who’s made a substantial, yet unrecognized contribution to the team
  • Athletic Leadership Award: Presented to a student-athlete who best exemplifies the principles of leadership and sportsmanship.
  • Most Valuable Athlete: Presented to the student-athlete who made an outstanding contribution to their specific team.
  • Academic Excellence: Presented to the student-athlete with the highest academic average on their team.
  • 2023-24
    Most Valuable Athlete:
    Most Improved Athlete:
    Rookie of the Year:
    Unsung Hero:
    Athletic Leadership:
    Academic Excellence:

    Most Valuable Athlete: Zakaria Bahous
    Most Improved Athlete: Yannick Tsafack-Nanhou
    Rookie of the Year: Antoine Massoud
    Unsung Hero: Xavier Malo
    Athletic Leadership: Zakaria Bahous
    Academic Excellence: Adam Azzabène

    Most Valuable Athlete: Zakaria Bahous
    Most Improved Athlete: Olivier d’Anjou
    Unsung Hero: Nicolas Théberge
    Athletic Leadership: Kyle-Vincent Garcia
    Academic Excellence: Mezen Jemel

    Most Valuable Athlete: Christopher Rose
    Most Improved Athlete: Christopher Flores-Cassistas
    Unsung Hero: Christian Morel
    Athletic Leadership: Charles DeSantis
    Academic Excellence: Christopher Rose

    Most Valuable Athlete: Mamadi Camara
    Most Improved Athlete: George Lazure
    Unsung Hero: Charles De Santis
    Fair Play: Chris Rose
    Academic Excellence: Kerry Zhang

    Most Valuable Athlete: Julio Moncada
    Most Improved Athlete: Mamadi Camara
    Unsung Hero: Antoine Laliberte
    Fair Play: Olivier Georges
    Academic Excellence: Nicolas Dupuis

    Most Valuable Athlete: Hamza Adiem
    Most Improved Athlete: Pascal Vollering
    Fair Play: Joé Lachambre
    Academic Excellence: Antoine Noël

    Most Valuable Athlete: Mehdi Belakehal
    Most Improved Athlete: Russell Skrzypinski
    Fair Play: Etienne Boulanger
    Academic Excellence: Jean-Simon Cantin

    Most Valuable Athlete: Lorenzo Borella
    Rookie of the Year: Louis Fouquet
    Fair Play: Aziz Bakhty

    Most Valuable Athlete: Nick Suter
    Most Improved Athlete: Serge Zulu
    Fair Play: Angelo Discepola

    Most Valuable Athlete: Julien De La Riera
    Most Improved Athlete: Bryan Bourbonnais
    Fair Play: Danny Jones

    Most Valuable Athlete: Julio Moreno
    Most Improved Athlete: Giancarlo Capaz
    Fair Play: Chris Dell-Elce

    Most Valuable Athlete: Mauro DiCiocco
    Most Improved Athlete: Nick Kostopoulos
    Fair Play: Carl De Nitto

    Most Valuable Athlete: Pat Santoro
    Most Improved Athlete: Emery Guevremont

    Most Valuable Athlete: David Madgett
    Most Improved Athlete: Yohannes Wolde Gabriel

    Most Valuable Athlete: Stephen Gruchot
    Most Improved Athlete: Ian McCracken

    Most Valuable Athlete: Jimmy Skerget
    Most Improved Athlete: Mike Sandrasagra

    Most Valuable Athlete: Gary Wozniak
    Most Improved Athlete: Joe Deblois

    Most Valuable Athlete: Ihab Leheta
    Most Improved Athlete: Perry Nicholson

    Most Valuable Athlete: Paulo Bozac
    Most Improved Athlete: David Gill

    Most Valuable Athlete: Ron Ruffner
    Most Improved Athlete: Julio Pace

    Most Valuable Athlete: Tony Iachetta
    Most Improved Athlete: Ron Ruffner

    Most Valuable Athlete: Graham Butcher

    Most Valuable Athlete: Samir Djeha
    Most Improved Athlete: Jed’n Saint-Phard
    Rookie of the Year: Thomas Fraser
    Unsung Hero: Jonah d’Argenio
    Athletic Leadership: Siméon Lalande
    Academic Excellence: Mathis Cyr

    Most Valuable Athlete: Jared Leheta
    Most Improved Athlete: Olivier d’Anjou
    Rookie of the Year: Sami McDuff
    Unsung Hero: Hugo Samuel Dufresne
    Athletic Leadership: Jared Leheta
    Academic Excellence: Jérémy Tremblay

    Most Valuable Athletes: M. Lacharite | M. Craan | M. Gobeil
    Most Improved Athlete: Nicolas St-Pierre
    Unsung Hero: Christian Morel
    Athletic Leadership: William Hodges
    Academic Excellence: Christopher Flores-Cassista

    Most Valuable Athlete: Nicolas Levasseur-Patenaude
    Most Improved Athlete: Alexandre Bourdeau
    Unsung Hero: Will Hodges
    Fair Play: Dyliam‎ Sydavong-Ok
    Academic Excellence: Meelad Sakheie

    Most Valuable Athlete: Julio Moncada
    Most Improved Athlete: Olivier Marchand
    Unsung Hero: Raphael De Chantal Dumont
    Fair Play: Olivier Georges
    Academic Excellence: Charles Carrier-Côté

    Most Valuable Athlete: Christophe de Guise St-Germain
    Most Improved Athlete: Dino Bikic
    Unsung Hero: Alexandre De Santis
    Fair Play: Antoine Noël
    Academic Excellence: Nicolas Dupuis

    Most Valuable Athlete: Hamza Adiem
    Most Improved Athlete: Christopher Ambar
    Rookie of the Year: Pier-Luc Tremblay
    Fair Play: Malik Idrissi
    Academic Excellence: Vincent Carrier-Coté

    Most Valuable Athlete: Louis Fouquet
    Rookie of the Year: Kevin Cossette
    Fair Play: Clinton D’Souza

    Most Valuable Athlete: Serge Zulu
    Most Improved Athlete: Jean-Philippe Roberge
    Fair Play: Angelo Discepola

    Most Valuable Athlete: Nicolas Suter
    Most Improved Athlete: Yohann Reinhoffer
    Fair Play: Guillaume Dumais

    Most Valuable Athlete: Julien De La Riera
    Most Improved Athlete: Bryan Bourbonnais
    Fair Play: Carlos Lamoureux

    Most Valuable Athlete: Sergio Riquelme
    Most Improved Athlete: Jean-Philippe Chevalier
    Fair Play: Mauro DiCiocco

    Most Valuable Athlete: Massimo Pesce
    Most Improved Athlete: Jeremie Courtemanche

    Most Valuable Athlete: Danny Henry
    Most Improved Athlete: Jaime Poch

    Most Valuable Athlete: Manny Gansalez
    Most Improved Athlete: Jimmy Argitis

    Most Valuable Athlete: Robbie Horvat
    Most Improved Athlete: Ted McLellan

    Most Valuable Athlete: Serge Manes
    Most Improved Athlete: Rui Valente

    Most Valuable Athlete: John McKirdy
    Most Improved Athlete: Ross Smith

    Most Valuable Athlete: Frank Pizzardi
    Most Improved Athlete: Ivano Cavallin

    Most Valuable Athlete: Nick DiMeo
    Most Improved Athlete: Joe Ceravolo

    Most Valuable Athlete: Ian Holden | Ron Ruffner
    Most Improved Athlete: Drew Coderre

    Most Valuable Athlete: Graham Butcher

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