Women’s Basketball Awards

The following awards are presented each year to student-athletes from each team in each of these categories:

  • Most Improved Athlete: Given to the student-athlete who has shown and demonstrated an improvement in their play and growth during the season.
  • Rookie of the Year: Presented to a first-year student-athlete who has demonstrated exceptional talent with their team over the season.
  • Unsung Hero Award: Presented to the student-athlete who’s made a substantial, yet unrecognized contribution to the team
  • Athletic Leadership Award: Presented to a student-athlete who best exemplifies the principles of leadership and sportsmanship.
  • Most Valuable Athlete: Presented to the student-athlete who made an outstanding contribution to their specific team.
  • Academic Excellence: Presented to the student-athlete with the highest academic average on their team.
  • 2023-24
    Most Valuable Athlete:
    Most Improved Athlete:
    Rookie of the Year:
    Unsung Hero:
    Athletic Leadership:
    Academic Excellence:

    Most Valuable Athlete: Sauda Issa Ntaconayigize
    Most Improved Athlete: Darah Fleurgin
    Rookie of the Year: Caitlin Frost
    Unsung Hero: Fatima Diop
    Athletic Leadership: Sauda Issa Ntaconayigize
    Academic Excellence: Sauda Issa Ntaconayigize

    Most Valuable Athlete: Misenga Muteba
    Most Improved Athlete: Kenya Côté-Lysius
    Unsung Hero: Nadine Katumbayi
    Athletic Leadership: Audrey Tornblom
    Academic Excellence: Chelsea Henry

    Most Valuable Athletes: Coralie Dumont & Clara Dagenais
    Most Improved Athlete: Trisha Villedrouin
    Athletic Leadership: Coralie Dumont
    Unsung Hero Award: Audrey Tornblom
    Academic Excellence: Clara Dagenais

    Most Valuable Athlete: Sirah Diarra
    Most Improved Athlete: Coralie Dumont
    Fair Play Award: Cindy Laliberté
    Unsung Hero Award: Roxanne Boulianne Douaire
    Academic Excellence: Clara Dagenais

    Most Valuable Athlete: Jessica Fequière
    Most Improved Athlete: Jennifer Mathurin
    Fair Play Award: Jeanne Gaumont
    Unsung Hero Award: Kathleen Belanger Finn
    Academic Excellence: Joséanne Bélanger-Naud

    Most Valuable Athlete: Kathleen Bélanger-Finn
    Most Improved Athlete: Kim Therrien
    Fair Play Award: Gabrielle Lagarde-Le Chasseur
    Academic Excellence: Gabrielle Lagarde-Le Chasseur

    Most Valuable Athlete: Kim Therrien
    Most Improved Athlete: Anne-Marie Dufour
    Fair Play Award: Catherine Michaud
    Academic Excellence: Aicha Salah

    Most Valuable Athlete: Ketty Cedat
    Fair Play Award: Zoe Savage
    Rookie of the Year: Aicha Salah

    Most Valuable Athlete: Tanisha Freeman
    Most Improved Athlete: Audrey Roy
    Fair Play Award: Meaghan Dunn

    Most Valuable Athlete: Erin Burnham
    Most Improved Athlete: Cynthia Aubourg
    Fair Play Award: Vanessa Thompson

    Most Valuable Athlete: Lindsay Wilmot
    Most Improved Athlete: Tessa Barrans
    Fair Play Award: Lina Bluteau

    Most Valuable Athlete: Kelly Hartley
    Most Improved Athlete: Michelle Flynn
    Fair Play Award: Nancy Swann

    Most Valuable Athlete: Joanna Thivierge
    Most Improved Athlete: Carolyne Moran

    Most Valuable Athlete: Shawna Casement
    Most Improved Athlete: Kim Weekes

    Most Valuable Athlete: Patty Granaudo
    Most Improved Athlete: Elisabette Pedrosa-Simao

    Most Valuable Athlete: Sharon Sandy
    Most Improved Athlete:

    Most Valuable Athlete: Wendy Dickenson
    Most Improved Athlete: Beatrice Stoklas

    Most Valuable Athlete: Anne-Marie Browne
    Most Improved Athlete: Sheryl Conroy

    Most Valuable Athlete: Tracy Billard
    Most Improved Athlete: Marina Scassa

    Most Valuable Athlete: Sue Conrad
    Most Improved Athlete: Tracy Billard

    Most Valuable Athlete: Mary Little
    Most Improved Athlete: Sue Conrad

    Most Valuable Athlete: Cathy Simms
    Most Improved Athlete: Monica Gendron

    Most Valuable Athlete: Chloe Oliver
    Most Improved Athlete: Divine Dibula
    Rookie of the Year: Anaïs Levasseur
    Unsung Hero: Phoebe Molgat
    Athletic Leadership: Divine Dibula
    Academic Excellence: Mahé Rabesa

    Most Valuable Athlete: Misenga Muteba
    Most Improved Athlete: Nadine Katumbayi
    Rookie of the Year: Sauda Issa Ntaconayigize
    Unsung Hero: Chelsea Henry
    Athletic Leadership: Chelsea Henry
    Academic Excellence: Sauda Issa Ntaconayigize

    Most Valuable Athlete: Shayann Laguerre
    Most Improved Athlete: Misenga Muteba
    Athletic Leadership: Shayann Laguerre
    Unsung Hero Award: Chelsea Henry
    Academic Excellence: Trishia Villedrouin

    Most Valuable Athlete: Clara Dagenais
    Most Improved Athlete: Metchline Gabélus
    Athletic Leadership: Coralie Dumont
    Unsung Hero Award: Annabelle Baku
    Academic Excellence: Clara Dagenais

    Most Valuable Athlete: Jeanne Gaumont
    Most Improved Athlete: Sirah Diarra
    Fair Play Award: Isabelle Dion
    Unsung Hero Award: Cindy Laliberté
    Academic Excellence: Cassandre Legault

    Most Valuable Athlete: Jessica Fequière
    Most Improved Athlete: Jeanne Gaumont
    Fair Play Award: Isabelle Dion
    Unsung Hero Award: Alexandra Koch
    Academic Excellence: Cassandre Legault

    Most Valuable Athlete: Emilie Cyr
    Most Improved Athlete: Latasha Johnson
    Fair Play Award: Catherine Michaud
    Academic Excellence: Emilie Cyr

    Most Valuable Athlete: Kathryn Liberta
    Fair Play Award: Viviane Guignard
    Rookie of the Year: Emilie Cyr

    Most Valuable Athlete: Jillian Morin
    Most Improved Athlete: Amanda Morin
    Fair Play Award: Judith Lavoie

    Most Valuable Athlete: Cynthia Aubourg
    Most Improved Athlete: Emilie Fournier
    Fair Play Award: Jillian Morin

    Most Valuable Athlete: Tessa Barrans
    Most Improved Athlete: Kristen Wilmot
    Fair Play Award: Christine Beaudry

    Most Valuable Athlete: Lindsay Wilmot
    Most Improved Athlete: Claudia Brehin-Reichelson
    Fair Play Award: Regine Mathurin

    Most Valuable Athlete: Carolyn Moran
    Most Improved Athlete: Janice Cuison

    Most Valuable Athlete: Melanie Whims
    Most Improved Athlete: Jamie Sullivan

    Most Valuable Athlete: Cindy DeJordy
    Most Improved Athlete: Laurianne Clarke

    Most Valuable Athlete: Cindy Dejordy
    Most Improved Athlete: Karla Avis

    Most Valuable Athlete: Christine Dejordy
    Most Improved Athlete: Roberta Boyle

    Most Valuable Athlete: Line Mercier
    Most Improved Athlete: Sheila Kaeslin

    Most Valuable Athlete: Kim Reeves
    Most Improved Athlete: Teresa Cianni

    Most Valuable Athlete: Tracy Billard
    Most Improved Athlete: Terri Morrison

    Most Valuable Athlete: Madeleine Martin
    Most Improved Athlete: Laura Wallace

    Most Valuable Athlete: Caroline Zentner
    Most Improved Athlete: Mary Little

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