Badminton Awards

The following awards are presented each year to student-athletes from each team in each of these categories:

  • Most Improved Athlete: Given to the student-athlete who has shown and demonstrated an improvement in their play and growth during the season.
  • Rookie of the Year: Presented to a first-year student-athlete who has demonstrated exceptional talent with their team over the season.
  • Unsung Hero Award: Presented to the student-athlete who’s made a substantial, yet unrecognized contribution to the team
  • Athletic Leadership Award: Presented to a student-athlete who best exemplifies the principles of leadership and sportsmanship.
  • Most Valuable Athlete: Presented to the student-athlete who made an outstanding contribution to their specific team.
  • Academic Excellence: Presented to the student-athlete with the highest academic average on their team.

Most Valuable Athlete:
Most Improved Athlete:
Rookie of the Year:
Unsung Hero Award:
Athletic Leadership:
Academic Excellence:

Most Valuable Athlete: Nicolas Germain
Most Improved Athlete: Yohan Comeau
Rookie of the Year: Justin Raymond
Unsung Hero Award: Ethan Wu
Athletic Leadership: Yohan Comeau
Academic Excellence: Maxime Baril

Most Valuable Athlete: Alain Weng & Sonia Shi
Most Improved Athlete: Kira Dias
Unsung Hero Award: Chloé Le Lann
Athletic Leadership: Simon Mayrand
Academic Excellence: Kevin Constantineau

Most Valuable Athlete: Richard Zhou
Most Improved Athlete: John Lester Montepio Maquio
Fair Play Award: Richard Zhou
Unsung Hero Award: Victor Tommio Codère Maruyama
Academic Excellence: Megan Wai

Most Valuable Athlete: Andy Fung
Most Improved Athlete: Jonathan Picher
Fair Play Award: Audré-Anne Kieu
Unsung Hero Award: Anne-Sophie Monette
Academic Excellence: Li Xin Zhang

Most Valuable Athlete: Antony Lam
Most Improved Athlete: Amanda Wai
Fair Play Award: Andy Fung
Unsung Hero Award: Xavier Tousignant
Academic Excellence: Henry Chow

Most Valuable Athlete: Siyang Zheng
Most Improved Athlete: Andrew Bevington
Fair Play Award: Louis-Philippe Lajoie
Academic Excellence: Claudie L’Allier

Most Valuable Athlete: Isabelle Duscheneau
Most Improved Athlete: Ho Ming Li
Fair Play Award: Anser Imam
Academic Excellence: Rebecca Handfield

Most Valuable Athlete: Christine Carrière
Rookie of the Year: Eddie Wan
Fair Play Award: Eddie Wan

Most Valuable Athlete: Lorne Wan
Most Improved Athlete: David Black

Most Valuable Athletes: Diane Palmer & Sue Barlow

Most Valuable Athlete: Andrew Qui
Most Improved Athlete: Mathieu Tardif
Rookie of the Year: Hanbert Zhang
Unsung Hero Award: Patrick Ho
Athletic Leadership: Mathieu Tardif
Academic Excellence: Mathieu Tardif

Most Valuable Athlete: Philippe Morand
Most Improved Athlete: Serena Tam
Rookie of the Year: Zoé Fraser | Noah Clermont
Unsung Hero Award: Émilien Lemieux
Athletic Leadership: Philippe Morand
Academic Excellence: Émilien Lemieux | Philippe Morand

Most Valuable Athlete: Simon Mayrand
Most Improved Athlete: Xavier Tran-Khanh
Athletic Leadership: Simon Mayrand
Unsung Hero Award: Camille Bourque Touikan
Academic Excellence: Simon Mayrand

Most Valuable Athlete: Richard Zhou
Most Improved Athlete: Foo Quyen Li
Fair Play Award: Brian Kim
Unsung Hero Award: Sam Daunoravicius
Academic Excellence: Megan Wai

Most Valuable Athlete: Buddha Biswas
Most Improved Athlete: Vadzim Blinnikau
Fair Play Award: Andy Fung
Unsung Hero Award: Gabriella Kong
Academic Excellence: Audré-Anne Kieu

Most Valuable Athlete: Matthew Pintos
Most Improved Athlete: Marc-André Kieu
Fair Play Award: Justin LeSauteur-Robitaille
Unsung Hero Award: Siyang Zheng
Academic Excellence: Marc-André Kieu

Most Valuable Athlete: Ho Ming Li
Most Improved Athlete: Maxime Monette
Fair Play Award: Louis-Philippe Lajoie
Academic Excellence: Rebecca Handfield

Most Valuable Athlete: Anser Imam
Rookie of the Year: Alex Greene
Fair Play Award: Kristianna Salmon

Most Valuable Athlete: Alex Greene
Most Improved Athlete: Lenn Walker

Most Valuable Athlete: Pierre Chanard
Most Improved Athlete: Benoit Maurer

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