Athletes of the Year

Athletes of the Year : Sauda Issa Ntaconayigize | Nicolas Germain
Academic Excellence: Karina Fortier
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Adam Swatton
Joy Smith Merit Award: Sauda Issa Ntaconayigize

Athletes of the Year : Samantha Flood | Jared Leheta
Academic Excellence: Philippe Morand
Cavalier Athletic Shield:
Joy Smith Merit Award: Mahé Rabesa

Athletes of the Year : Marie-Philippe Beauvais | Jérémie Martin
Academic Excellence: Hélène Guay
Cavalier Athletic Shield: CavsTV Webcasting Crew
Joy Smith Merit Award:

Athletes of the Year : Marie-Ève Bernard-O’Breham | Kasheem Thomas
Academic Excellence: Marie-Pier Hamel
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Ahoura Rounagh
Joy Smith Merit Award:

Athletes of the Year : Jeanne Gaumont | Julio Moncada
Academic Excellence: Veronique Saad
Cavalier Athletic Shield:
Joy Smith Merit Award: Cassandra Legault

Athletes of the Year : Constance de Chantal Dumont | Nicolas Dupuis
Academic Excellence: Benjamin Tanguay
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Steve Deku
Joy Smith Merit Award:

Athletes of the Year : Jessica Porfilio | Yann Charles
Academic Excellence: Laura-Emilie Cyr
Cavalier Athletic Shield:
Joy Smith Merit Award:

Athletes of the Year : Mélanie Hughes | Randy Dézouvre
Cavalier Athletic Shield:
Joy Smith Merit Award: Louis Fouquet

Athletes of the Year : Jillian Morin | Serge Zulu
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Wai Man Kwan
Joy Smith Merit Award: Fanny Berthiaume

Athletes of the Year : Morag Mitchell-Carvalho | Negus McKenna
Cavalier Athletic Shield: My-Tien Nguyen
Joy Smith Merit Award: Tristan Jones

Athletes of the Year : Lauren Tittley | Charles Enis
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Shana-Dorine Jean
Joy Smith Merit Award: Tomas Miranda

Athletes of the Year : Cindy Walsh | Eugene Ambrose
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Mauro DiCiocco
Joy Smith Merit Award: Chrystal Healy

Athletes of the Year :
Cavalier Athletic Shield:
Joy Smith Merit Award: Mathieu Harding

Athletes of the Year : Amy Walsh | Georges Vlismas
Cavalier Athletic Shield:
Joy Smith Merit Award: Patricia Armeni

Athletes of the Year : Melanie Whims | Marcelin Emile
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Tsering Khangsar
Joy Smith Merit Award: Craig Desjardins

Athletes of the Year : Jennifer Sargent | Adrian Benjamin
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Jason Hum
Joy Smith Merit Award: Spiro Getsios

Athletes of the Year : Claudia Rott | Robbie Horvat
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Gillian Jazzar
Joy Smith Merit Award: Lee Ann Nicol

Athletes of the Year : Wendy Dickenson | Danny Eveleigh
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Michael Sandrasagra
Joy Smith Merit Award: Erik Van Dyke

Athletes of the Year : Donna Jarka | Stewart Grierson
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Sharon Peace
Joy Smith Merit Award: Teresa Cianni

Joy Smith Merit Award: Kevin Morin

Athletes of the Year : Chloe Oliver | Xavier Lemaître
Academic Excellence: Justine Ratelle
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Allexxa Diab
Joy Smith Merit Award:

Athletes of the Year : No Award Presented
Academic Excellence: No Award Presented
Cavalier Athletic Shield: No Award Presented
Joy Smith Merit Award: No Award Presented

Athletes of the Year : Karima Lemire | Jeremy Murphy
Academic Excellence: Kevin Constantineau
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Emily Payne
Joy Smith Merit Award: Karl-Antoine Hogue

Athletes of the Year : Clara Dagenais | Conor Sinclair
Academic Excellence: Clara Dagenais
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Ilyas Kurbanov
Joy Smith Merit Award: Clara Dagenais

Athletes of the Year : Gina Lavallée Patenaude | Ilias Elbekri
Academic Excellence: Alexandra Hamel
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Kieran Duke | Robert Shaul
Joy Smith Merit Award: Jazceal Johnstone

Athletes of the Year : Marley Chase | Kenny Jean-Louis
Academic Excellence: Laurent Caron
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Eric Beaudoin | Martin Angel
Joy Smith Merit Award:

Athletes of the Year : Jessica Porfilio | Youssef Ouahrig
Academic Excellence: Andial Shokry
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Krista Thompson
Joy Smith Merit Award:

Athletes of the Year : Audrey Daoust | Jonathan Collin
Academic Excellence: Natasha Groves / Jean-Simon Cantin
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Andy Dubois
Joy Smith Merit Award:

Athletes of the Year : Ketty Cedat | Gabriel Moreau
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Christine Carrière
Joy Smith Merit Award: Valeriu Lazarescu

Athletes of the Year : Émilie Mercier | Maurice Joseph
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Men’s Basketball Team
Joy Smith Merit Award: Émilie Mercier

Athletes of the Year : Erin Burnham | Julien de la Riera
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Mackenzi Debrosse
Joy Smith Merit Award: Wesley Fallon

Athletes of the Year : Melissa Gushue | Bernard Cote
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Michel Fontaine
Joy Smith Merit Award: Amanda Scholefield

Athletes of the Year : Cindy Walsh | Eugene Ambrose
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Sandra Romanini
Joy Smith Merit Award: Sandra Romanini

Athletes of the Year :
Cavalier Athletic Shield:
Joy Smith Merit Award: Carine Barlocher

Athletes of the Year : Amy Walsh | Gabby Gervais
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Samantha Morency
Joy Smith Merit Award: Joseph John Souaid

Athletes of the Year : Jennifer Sargent | Reid McDougall
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Mary Anne McCormick
Joy Smith Merit Award: Larry Hunter

Athletes of the Year : Cassandra Bardo | John McDougall
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Regina Camacho
Joy Smith Merit Award: Victoria Guay

Athletes of the Year : Sophie Lord | Danny Eveleigh
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Marie-France Landry
Joy Smith Merit Award: Robbie Bruckert

Athletes of the Year : Wendy Dickenson | Kevin Metcalfe
Cavalier Athletic Shield: Morna Felix
Joy Smith Merit Award: Greg Jonker

Joy Smith Merit Award: Metaxia Tserentzoulias

Joy Smith Merit Award: Sandro Cianci

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