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With classes starting in 3 weeks, the Cavaliers are back from summer break! Tryouts and camps for football, soccer and flag-football take place in the next few weeks! Tryout schedules are listed below, but there may be changes to times and dates. Please contact each team to confirm dates and times, or contact Vince Amato in Athletics.

The 2019 Tryout Schedule is below:

Team Dates & Times Where Email
Badminton TBA Gym badminton@crcmail.net
Men’s Basketball Aug. 16 – Aug. 21 (18h) Gym wbasketball@crcmail.net
Women’s Basketball Sept. 3 (17h) Gym mbasketball@crcmail.net
Cross-Country Running Aug. 22 |Aug. 27 |Aug. 29 (18h) Seaway 1 Track crosscountry@crcmail.net
Women’s Flag Football Aug. 10 (14h) |Aug. 11 (12h) Seaway Park 3 wflagfootball@crcmail.net
Football Aug. 2 – Aug. 19 (Contact Team for Times) Seaway 1 football@crcmail.net
Men’s Soccer Aug. 9 (11h) | Aug. 12 (16h) | Aug. 13 (09h) Seaway 3 msoccer@crcmail.net
Women’s Soccer Aug. 9 (09h) | Aug. 13 (10h30) |Aug. 14 (09h) |Aug. 15 (07h30) |Aug. 16 (09h) | Aug. 17 (08h) |Aug. 19 (13h) Seaway 3 wsoccer@crcmail.net
Men’s Volleyball Aug. 22 (19h30) |Aug. 26 (17h) |Aug. 29 (19h30) Gym mvolleyball@crcmail.net
Women’s Volleyball Aug. 22 (19h30) |Aug. 26 (17h) |Aug. 29 (19h30) Gym wvolleyball@crcmail.net

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