Cross-Country Awards

Individual Awards

The following awards are presented each year to student-athletes from each team in each of these categories:

  • Most Improved Athlete: Given to the student-athlete who has shown and demonstrated an improvement in their play and growth during the season.
  • Rookie of the Year: Presented to a first-year student-athlete who has demonstrated exceptional talent with their team over the season.
  • Unsung Hero Award: Presented to the student-athlete who’s made a substantial, yet unrecognized contribution to the team
  • Athletic Leadership Award: Presented to a student-athlete who best exemplifies the principles of leadership and sportsmanship.
  • Most Valuable Athlete: Presented to the student-athlete who made an outstanding contribution to their specific team.
  • Academic Excellence: Presented to the student-athlete with the highest academic average on their team.
  • 2023-24
    Most Valuable Athletes:
    Most Improved Athletes:
    Rookies of the Year:
    Unsung Heroes Award:
    Athletic Leadership:
    Academic Excellence:

    Most Valuable Athletes: Xavier Lemaïtre | Sofia Veilleux
    Most Improved Athletes: Louis Marchand | Daphné Beauchamp
    Athletic Leadership: Daphné Beauchamp
    Unsung Heros Award: Andrew Piuze | Emmanuelle Chaput
    Academic Excellence: Marek Pinard

    Most Valuable Athletes: Karl Belley | Samantha Flood
    Most Improved Athletes: Scott Zidle | Laurie Dufort
    Unsung Heros: Jeremy Burg | Mathilde Parent
    Athletic Leadership: Samuel Côté
    Academic Excellence: Anne Bastien

    Most Valuable Athletes: Jeremie Martin
    Most Improved Athlete: Megan Wai
    Athletic Leadership: Gabriel Samson
    Unsung Hero Award: Gabriel Samson
    Academic Excellence: Emile Jomphe

    Most Valuable Athlete: Nassim Ennabaoui
    Most Improved Athlete: Geneviève Collette
    Fair Play Award: Louis-Carlos Vargas
    Unsung Hero Award: Paul Ramsay-Vejlens
    Academic Excellence: Wen Di Yu

    Most Valuable Athlete: Sophie Bernard
    Most Improved Athlete: Laurence Francoeur
    Fair Play Award: Marianne Myre
    Unsung Hero Award: Emile Labbé
    Academic Excellence: Gabrielle Dupéré

    Most Valuable Athlete: Jessica Porfilio
    Most Improved Athlete: Patrick Bastien
    Fair Play Award: Francis Dumoulin
    Academic Excellence: Jessica Porfilio

    Most Valuable Athlete: Coralina Tse
    Most Improved Athlete: Audrey Lapointe
    Fair Play Award: Mathieu St-Louis
    Academic Excellence: Anne Beaudin

    Most Valuable Athletes: Xavier Lemaître | Emmanuelle Paquet
    Most Improved Athletes: Simon Picard | Emmanuelle Chaput
    Rookies of the Year: Cedric Laliberté | Jeanne Burton
    Unsung Heroes Award: Victor Tanner | Sofia Veilleux
    Athletic Leadership: Emmanuelle Chaput
    Academic Excellence: Olivier Fagnant

    Most Valuable Athletes: Antoine Boulanger | Veronic Boire
    Most Improved Athletes: Jasmin Bellerive | Mathlide Parent
    Athletic Leadership: Audrey Théberge
    Unsung Heros Award: Christopher Quesnel | Samantha Flood
    Academic Excellence: Samantha Flood

    Most Valuable Athlete: Jérémie Martin
    Most Improved Athlete: Francis Juneau
    Athletic Leadership: Gabriel Samson
    Unsung Hero Award: Jeremy Burg
    Academic Excellence: Ariane Théberge

    Most Valuable Athlete: Céline Marks
    Most Improved Athlete: Thierry Judge
    Athletic Leadership: Gabriella Farallo
    Unsung Hero Award: Paul Ramsay-Vejlens
    Academic Excellence: Marie-Pier Hamel

    Most Valuable Athlete: Nassim Ennabaoui
    Most Improved Athlete: Marek Adamowicz
    Fair Play Award: Benjamin Daunoravicius
    Unsung Hero Award: Camilles Georges
    Academic Excellence: Benjamin Daunoravicius

    Most Valuable Athlete: Camille Burbidge Izquierdo
    Most Improved Athlete: Guillaume Forgues
    Fair Play Award: Laurence Baril
    Unsung Hero Award: Jolianne Anctil
    Academic Excellence: Laurence Baril

    Most Valuable Athlete: Jessica Porfilio
    Most Improved Athlete: Kristin Hunt
    Fair Play Award: Coralina Tse
    Academic Excellence: Stephanie Potter

    Most Valuable Athlete: Melanie Hughes
    Fair Play Award: Julie Larouche
    Rookie of the Year: Isabelle Demers

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