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The Champlain Saint-Lambert Cavaliers held their annual Athletic Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, April 26th, bringing their 2022-23 seasons to an end with an evening of celebration. Over 150 student-athletes and 20 coaches from the Cavaliers’ 10 teams were in attendance, joined by Don Shewan (Constituent Campus Director & Director of Studies), Dean Howie (Director of Student Services), Rafin Islam Khan (President of the Champlain Student Association), the Athletic Therapy staff from RTP, and Mr. Moe Khan (on air Voice of the Cavaliers).

Over 70 team awards were handed out, including awards for Academic Excellence, Most Valuable Athlete, Most Improved Athlete, the Unsung Hero Award, Rookie of the Year, and the Athletic Leadership Award, whose recipients were selected by their teammates. In addition, the Cavaliers recognized the student-athletes named to their respective all-star teams as well as those recognized as CCAA Academic All-Canadians, RSEQ Academic-All-Stars, and graduating Cavaliers who have maintained 80% or above average during their years as a Cavalier. A complete list of award winners can be found below.

Five Cavaliers were named to the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association’s (CCAA) Academic All-Canadian Team for 2022-23. The CCAA’s Academic All-Canadian Award is presented to a student-athlete who has been named to their conference all-star team, provincial championship all-star team, or to a CCAA championship all-star team while having an 80% or higher average during the semester. Our 2022-23 Academic All-Canadians are:

Mariam Jama-Pelletier (Women’s Soccer)
Sara Ricciardelli (Women’s Soccer)
Anaïs Levasseur (Women’s Basketball)
Chloe Oliver (Women’s Basketball)
Caitlin Frost (Women’s Basketball)

Allexxa Diab was awarded the Cavaliers Athletic Shield, presented annually in appreciation and recognition to someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the Champlain Cavaliers Athletic program. Allexxa was a key person in helping to make our game day staff one of the best in Québec.

The 2022-23 Female Athlete of the Year nominees were Sara Ricciardelli (Women’s Soccer), Lea Quiroz (Women’s Volleyball), and Chloe Oliver (Women’s Basketball), with Oliver taking the award. Chloe was named an RSEQ 1st Team All-Star, RSEQ Player of the Year, a CCAA All-Canadian, and a CCAA Academic All-Canadian for 2022-23, which saw the Cavaliers win a bronze at the RSEQ Provincial Championships last March. Chloe’s three years at Champlain have seen her turn into a leader who cares for her team and who’s been a well-respected leader on her team. Best of luck to her as she heads to D1 Davidson College in North Carolina for 2023!

Nominees for the Male Athlete of the Year included Xavier Lemaître (Cross-Country Running), Siméon Lalande (Men’s Soccer) and Alex Jétte (Men’s Volleyball). RSEQ Sud-Ouest Gold Medalist, RSEQ Provincial Bronze Medalist, CCAA National Bronze Medalist, and CCAA All-Canadian Xavier Lemaître, was named the winner for 2022-23. In addition to his personal accomplishments, Xavier led the men’s team to a regional gold medal and the team’s first RSEQ Provincial gold medal. Xavier continually demonstrated his abilities and leadership over the course of the season, helping both the men’s and women’s teams have another great year!

The team with the best academic average was the Women’s Volleyball team, passing 100% of all their classes taken with a team average of 83.6% while the award for the Graduating Cavalier with the highest academic standing was presented to Justine Ratelle from the Women’s Flag Football team with a 95% average over their two years of study in Health Sciences!

Images from the evening can be found at Champlain Athletics photo galleries.

Complete Awards List

Major Awards

Cavaliers Athletic Shield: Allexxa Diab
Graduating Cavalier with the Highest Academic Average: Justine Ratte
Cavalier Team with Highest Average: Women’s Volleyball
Female Athlete of the Year: Chloe Oliver
Male Athlete of the Year: Xavier Lemaître

Team Awards


Most Improved Athlete: Mathieu Tardif
Unsung Hero: Patrick Ho
Rookie of the Year: Mathieu Tardif
Athletic Leadership Award: Hanbert Zhang
Most Valuable Athlete: Andrew Qui
Academic Excellence: Mathieu Tardif

Men’s Basketball

Most Improved Athlete: Alex Brouard
Unsung Hero: Theo Tarlotin
Rookie of the Year: Uriel-Kaider Ndome
Athletic Leadership Award: Cardy Jean
Most Valuable Athlete: Cardy Jean
Academic Excellence: Uriel-Kaider Ndome

Women’s Basketball

Most Improved Athlete: Divine Dibula
Unsung Hero: Phoebe Molgat
Rookie of the Year: Anaïs Levasseur
Athletic Leadership Award: Divine Dibula
Most Valuable Athlete: Chloe Oliver
Academic Excellence: Mahé Rabesa

Cross-Country Running

Most Improved Athlete (Male): Simon Picard
Most Improved Athlete (Female): Emmanuelle Chaput
Unsung Hero (Male): Victor Tanner
Unsung Hero (Female): Sofia Veilleux
Rookie of the Year (Male): Cedric Laliberté
Rookie of the Year (Female): Jeanne Burton
Athletic Leadership Award: Emmanuelle Chaput
Most Valuable Athlete (Male): Xavier Lemaître
Most Valuable Athlete (Female): Emmanuelle Paquet
Academic Excellence: Olivier Fagnant

Women’s Flag Football

Most Improved Athlete: Éloise Lefebvre
Unsung Hero: Kalliopi Kaminaris
Rookie of the Year: Chloé Simard
Athletic Leadership Award: Chloé Simard
Most Valuable Defensive Player: Florence Lamothe
Most Valuable Offensive Player: Oona Martel
Academic Excellence: Justine Ratelle


Most Improved Athlete: Philippe Olivier Pepin
Unsung Hero: William Rolland
Rookie of the Year: Emyl Gregoire
Adam Taylor Athletic Leadership Award: Noah Roy
Most Valuable Lineman: Noah Roy
Most Valuable Defensive Player: Charles Lafontaine
Most Valuable Offensive Player: Shamar Parkinson
Academic Excellence: William Rolland

Men’s Soccer

Most Improved Athlete: Jed’n Saint-Phard
Unsung Hero: Jonah d’Argenio
Rookie of the Year: Thomas Fraser
Athletic Leadership Award: Siméon Lalande
Most Valuable Athlete: Samir Djeha
Academic Excellence: Mathis Cyr

Women’s Soccer

Most Improved Athlete: Mariam Jama-Pelletier
Unsung Hero: Marie-Ange Roy
Rookie of the Year: Victoria-Anne Sobczak
Athletic Leadership Award: Alexandra Boily-St-Pierre
Most Valuable Athlete: Sara Ricciardelli
Academic Excellence: Alexie des Châtelets-Lynch

Men’s Volleyball

Most Improved Athlete: Massil Philippe Serik
Unsung Hero: Nikolay Papanchev
Rookie of the Year: Anson Wang
Jimmy Chen Fair Play Award: Alex Jetté
Most Valuable Athlete: Alex Jetté
Academic Excellence: Nihad Mahmalat

Women’s Volleyball

Most Improved Athlete: Anne-Sophie Parent
Unsung Hero: Zoé Charbonneau
Rookie of the Year: Camilie Hinsek
Athletic Leadership Award: Amélie Bisson
Most Valuable Athlete: Lea Quiroz
Academic Excellence: Elizabeth Lefebvre

Special Awards

RTP Comeback of the Year

Phoebe Molgat (Women’s Basketball)

The Empire-Lemontagne Award

Sandrine Wemeni  (Women’s Basketball)
Théo Tarlotin (Men’s Basketball)

Academic Awards

Most Improved Team

Men’s Basketball

Team With Highest Average

Women’s Volleyball

Academic All-Canadians

The Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association’s Academic All-Canadian Award is presented to a student-athlete who was has been named to their conference all-star team, provincial championship all-star team or to a CCAA nationals all-star team while having an 80% or higher average during the semester.
Mariam Jama-Pelletier (Women’s Soccer)
Sara Ricciardelli (Women’s Soccer)
Anaïs Levasseur (Women’s Basketball)
Chloe Oliver (Women’s Basketball)
Caitlin Frost (Women’s Basketball)

RSEQ Scholar Athletes

The RSEQ honors its student-athletes who have an 80% or higher average over their last two full semesters while they compete as student-athletes at their colleges. The following student-athletes have done so over the Winter 2022 and Fall 2022 semesters.

Kevin Constantineau (Badminton)
Loïc Chen Kuang Piao | Badminton
Patrick Ho | Badminton
Aurélie Huynh Tuong | Badminton
Kimberley Kam Sing | Badminton
Alexander Luo | Badminton
Andrew Qiu | Badminton
Mathieu Tardif | Badminton
Thanh Mai Vothang | Badminton
Daphnée Beauchamp | Cross-Country Running
Olivier Bélanger | Cross-Country Running
Éva Fanny Bergeron | Cross-Country Running
Emmanuelle Chaput | Cross-Country Running
Olivier Fagnant | Cross-Country Running
Simon Picard | Cross-Country Running
Marek Pinard | Cross-Country Running
Ron Rozenberg | Cross-Country Running
Athéna Van Acker | Cross-Country Running
Emma Veilleux | Cross-Country Running
Sofia Veilleux | Cross-Country Running
Alexia Verret | Cross-Country Running
Dylan Brassard | Football
Philippe Côté | Football
Kassem Farhat | Football
Samuel Hurtubise | Football
Yasser Lachhab | Football
Mathieu Larose | Football
William Rolland | Football
Mathis Cyr | Men’s Soccer
Antoine Massoud | Men’s Soccer
Philippe Péloquin | Men’s Soccer
Luca Preziosi | Men’s Soccer
Emile Durocher | Men’s Volleyball

Nikolay Papanchev | Men’s Volleyball
Massil Philippe Serik | Men’s Volleyball
Alex Ssuto | Men’s Volleyball
Victor Ssuto | Men’s Volleyball
Caitlin Frost | Women’s Basketball
Candice Lienafa | Women’s Basketball
Phoebe Anne Molgat | Women’s Basketball
Chloe Oliver | Women’s Basketball
Mahé Rabesa | Women’s Basketball
Denae Kiana Skelton | Women’s Basketball
Ariane Grenier | Women’s Flag Football
Florence Lamothe | Women’s Flag Football
Florence Langlois | Women’s Flag Football
Julia Leclair | Women’s Flag Football
Justine Plouffe | Women’s Flag Football
Justine Ratelle | Women’s Flag Football
Amélie Beaudet-Gaudette | Women’s Soccer
Emilie Grondines | Women’s Soccer
Mariam Jama-Pelletier | Women’s Soccer
Arianne Lavoie | Women’s Soccer
Amélya Mariette | Women’s Soccer
Sara Ricciardelli | Women’s Soccer
Justine Beauchamp | Women’s Volleyball
Amélie Bisson | Women’s Volleyball
Zoé Charbonneau | Women’s Volleyball
Amélie Chiasson David | Women’s Volleyball
Sofia-Rose Patenaude | Women’s Volleyball
Lea Quiroz | Women’s Volleyball
Émilie Rioux | Women’s Volleyball
Mariya Sushko | Women’s Volleyball

Graduating Cavaliers With 80%+ Averages over Career

67 Cavaliers will be graduating this year. Students “With Distinction” are graduating students who have attained and maintained an 80%+ over their playing careers.

Daphnée Beauchamp
Amélie Beaudet-Gaudette
Olivier Bélanger
Éva Fanny Bergeron
Amélie Bisson
Alexandra Boily-St-Pierre
Emmanuelle Chaput
Zoé Charbonneau
Loïc Chen Kuamg Piao
Amélie Chiasson David
Mathis Cyr
Olivier Fagnant
Kassem Farhat
Ariane Grenier
Patrick Ho
Aurélie Huynh Tuong
Mariam Jama-Pelletier
Romain Kessler-Gorgeon
Florence Lamothe
Florence Langlois
Mathieu Larose
Arianne Lavoie
Julia Leclair

Alexander Luo
Amélya Mariette
Chloe Oliver
Dounia Ouirzane
Nikolay Papanchev
Sofia-Rose Patenaude
Simon Picard
Marek Pinard
Andrew Qiu
Lea Quiroz
Mahé Rabesa
Justine Ratelle
Sara Ricciardelli
Émilie Rioux
Massil Philippe Serik
Alex Ssuto
Victor Ssuto
Mariya Sushko
Mathieu Tardif
Athéna Van Acker
Alexia Verret
Thanh Mai Vothang


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