Cavaliers Honored as CCAA National Scholars

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The Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association announced their National Scholar Athletes for 2016-17 and 48 Champlain Cavaliers were on the list! The National Scholar Award is designed to recognize the outstanding academic accomplishments of CCAA student-athletes. To be recognized, a student-athlete must achieve honours standing at their institution in the current academic year. Champlain Saint-Lambert currently participates in the CCAA in the sports of Men’s & Women’s Basketball, Men’s & Women’s Soccer and Cross-Country Running.

The 2016-17 National Scholars from Champlain Saint-Lambert  are:

Catherine Albert, Basketball
Kristie Au, Basketball
Kévin Bouchard, Basketball
Clara Dagenais, Basketball
Coralie Dumont, Basketball
Shayann-Melissande Laguerre, Basketball
Trishia Villedrouin, Basketball

Kevin Bernard, Cross Country
Melissa Birs, Cross Country
Mariane Charbonneau, Cross Country
Faith Choi, Cross Country
Claudia Corrales, Cross Country
Myriam Dube, Cross Country
Camille Duchesne, Cross Country
Jonathan Duquette, Cross Country
Pierre-Olivier Dussault, Cross Country
Amin Ennabaoui Cools, Cross Country
Nicolas Fortin, Cross Country
Tristan Grifo, Cross Country
Emile Jomphe, Cross Country
Anne-Marie Lafond, Cross Country
Alphée Lamothe, Cross Country
Megan Le Stum, Cross Country
Han A Lee, Cross Country
Vincent Legault, Cross Country
Jérémie Martin, Cross Country
Carolina Mitskaniouk, Cross Country
Jérémy Sauvageau, Cross Country
Rosy Teasdale, Cross Country
Ariane Théberge, Cross Country
Alexandre Therrien, Cross Country
Noémie Toutant, Cross Country
Megan Wai, Cross Country

Charles De Santis, Soccer
Christopher Flores-Cassista, Soccer
Kyle-Vincent Garcia, Soccer
Simon Gascon, Soccer
William Hodges, Soccer
Antoine Laberge, Soccer
Samuel Laberge, Soccer
Christopher Rose, Soccer
Marie-Phillipe Beauvais, Soccer
Marianne Blain, Soccer
Thalia Krauth-Ibarz, Soccer
Cassandra Marcoux, Soccer
Alana Mikulis, Soccer
Laurance Ste-Marie, Soccer
Pascale Tremblay-Perrault, Soccer

The full list CCAA National Scholars can be found here.

Past winners from Champlain Saint-Lambert can be seen here.