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Fifty-eight student-athletes representing the Champlain Saint-Lambert Cavaliers have been named National Scholars by the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association for the 2022-23 academic year. This honor is bestowed annually upon student-athletes who participate in a CCAA sport and maintain an impressive academic average of 80% or higher throughout the year. In the 2022-23 season, the Cavaliers boasted a total of 108 student-athletes who competed at the CCAA level across Men’s & Women’s Basketball, Cross-Country Running, and Men’s & Women’s Soccer. Congratulations to each of these accomplished individuals. Our gratitude also goes out to the dedicated coaches, faculty members, and staff whose unwavering support has been instrumental in the Cavaliers’ success, both in the classroom and on the field.

The CCAA National Scholars for 2022-23 are:

Daphnée Beauchamp (CCR | Social Science: Commerce)
Amélie Beaudet-Gaudette (WSOC | Pure & Applied Science )
Olivier Bélanger (CCR | Pure & Applied Science )
Éva Fanny Bergeron (CCR | Social Science: Commerce)
Adem Bessam (CCR | Computer Science (Tech))
Alexandra Boily-St-Pierre (WSOC | Health Science)
Julien Boulé (CCR | Pure & Applied Science )
Jeanne Burton (CCR | Health Science)
Félix Cadieux (CCR | Computer Science (Math))
Emmanuelle Chaput (CCR | Social Science: Psychology)
Mathis Cyr (MSOC | Sport Marketing & Mgmt.)
Alexie des Châtelets-Lynch (WSOC | Health Science)
Divine Dibula (WBB | Social Science: Commerce)
Samir-Mohamed Djeha (MSOC | Pure & Applied Science )
Olivier Fagnant (CCR | Pure & Applied Science )
Caitlin Frost (WBB | Health Science)
Érica Gagnon (WSOC | Law & Civilization)
Mélodie Greciet (WSOC | World Studies (Math))
Maya Lee Grier (WSOC | Health Science)
Emilie Grondines (WSOC | Social Science: Criminology)
Arielle Hébert (CCR | Law & Civilization (Math))
Mariam Jama-Pelletier (WSOC | Social Science)
Romain Kessler-Gorgeon (CCR | World Studies)
Cédric Laliberté (CCR | Health Science)
Louis Lamontagne (CCR | Pure & Applied Science )
Arianne Lavoie (WSOC | Social Science: Commerce)
Nicolas Legault (CCR | Pure & Applied Science )
Thomas Lepage (CCR | Social Science: Commerce)
Anaïs Levasseur (WBB | Health Science)

Candice Lienafa (WBB | Social Science)
Simona Lombardo Varisco (WSOC | Pure & Applied Science )
Amélia Marcoux (CCR | Health Science)
Amélya Mariette (WSOC | Social Science: Commerce)
Antoine Massoud (MSOC | Pure & Applied Science )
Phoebe Anne Molgat (WBB | Social Science)
Emmanuelle Paquet (CCR | Social Science: Psychology)
Bradley Peart (MBB | Social Science)
Philippe Péloquin (MSOC | Pure & Applied Science )
Anne Perreault (WSOC | Social Science: Commerce)
Simon Picard (CCR | Social Science: Commerce)
Catherine Piché (WSOC | Social Science)
Marek Pinard (CCR | Health Science)
Luca Preziosi (MSOC | Sport Marketing & Mgmt.)
Mahé Rabesa (WBB | Law & Civilization (Math))
Samuel Renaud (CCR | Social Science: Criminology)
Rodrigo Alonso Reyes Carranza (CCR | Health Science)
Sara Ricciardelli (WSOC | Social Science: Commerce)
Marie-Ange Roy (WSOC | Film & New Media)
Sarah Roy (WSOC | Pure & Applied Science )
Ron Rozenberg (CCR | Health Science)
Denae Kiana Skelton (WBB | Social Science)
Victoria-Anne Sobczak (WSOC | Health Science)
Marilou St-Pierre (WBB | Law & Civilization (Math))
Anthony Tchernykh (MSOC | Social Science: Commerce)
Athéna Van Acker (CCR | Health Science)
Emma Veilleux (CCR | Health Science)
Sofia Veilleux (CCR | Health Science)
Alexia Verret (CCR | Social Science)

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