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Continuing with their new Friday night tradition, the Champlain Cavaliers held their annual Athletics Banquet on April 21st at the Sandman Hotel in Longueuil, bringing their 2016-17 seasons to an official close with an evening of celebration. Over 200 student-athletes from the Cavaliers’ 11 teams were in attendance, joined by Campus Director Don Shewan, in addition to the coaches, assistants, academic coaches and Athletic Therapy staff.

56 team awards were handed out, including awards for Academic Excellence, Most Valuable Athlete, Most Improved Athlete, the Unsung Hero Award and the new Athletic Leadership Award, who’s recipients were selected by their teammates. In addition, the Cavaliers recognized the student-athletes named to their respective all-star teams as well as those recognized as CCAA Academic All-Canadians, RSEQ Academic-All-Stars, and graduating Cavaliers while honoring those who have maintained and 80% or above average during their years as a Cavalier. A complete list of award winners can be found at the bottom of this story.

Five Cavaliers were named to the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association’s Academic All-Canadian Team f0r 2016-17, a record for Champlain Saint0-Lambert. The Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association’s Academic All-Canadian Award is Presented to a student-athlete who was has been named to their conference all-star team, provincial championship all-star team or to a CCAA nationals all-star team while having an 80% or higher average during the semester. Our Academic All-Canadians are:

Laurence Ste-Marie (Women’s Soccer)0529_071
Christopher Rose
(Men’s Soccer)
Charles DeSantis (Men’s Soccer)
Coralie Dumont (Women’s Basketball)
Clara Dagenais (Women’s Basketball)

0529_075Ilyas Kurbanov, a supporting member of the Men’s Basketball team and graduating Sport Marketing & Management student was awarded the Cavaliers Athletic Shield, presented annually in appreciation and recognition to someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the Champlain Cavaliers Athletic’s program. Ilyas, who’s been heavily involved as a volunteer in athletics, was a key member with his help when the college hosted the 2015 CCAA Men’s Soccer National Championship in November of that year.

The 2016-17 Female Athlete of the Year nominees were Karima Lemire (Women’s Soccer), Clara Dagenais (Women’s Basketball) and Mahalia Robinson (Women’s Rugby), with Dagenais taking the award for this past year. Clara was named an RSEQ All-Star as well as the RSEQ Student-Athlete of the Year for having the highest academic average in the Division 1 league. She was also named and Academic All-Canadian, in addition to being her team’s MVP for the season. Clara has been a well-respected leader on her team and we look forward to seeing her continue her career at university!

0529_081Nominees for the Male Athlete of the year included Christopher Rose (Men’s Soccer), Conor Sinclair (Football) and Andrew Richa (Men’s Rugby). RSEQ Offensive All-Star and RSEQ Offensive Player of the Year, Conor Sinclair, was named the winner for 2016-17. Leading his team to a perfect 8-0 in the regular season, Conor demonstrated his value on the field of play as well as in the locker room where he stood out as a leader,

0529_082The team with the best academic average was the Cross-Country Running team, passing 99% of all their classes taken with a team average of 82% while the award for the Graduating Cavalier with the highest academic standing was presented to Clara Dagenais from the Women’s Basketball team with an unbelievable 97% average!

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Complete Awards List
Major Awards
Cavaliers Athletic Shield: Ilyas Kurbanov
Graduating Cavalier with the Highest Academic Average: Clara Dagenais
Cavalier Team with Highest Average: Cross-Country Running
Female Athlete of the Year: Clara Dagenais
Male Athlete of the Year: Conor Sinclair

Team Awards
Most Improved Athlete: John Lester Montepio Maquio
Unsung Hero: Victor Tommio Codère Maruyama
Athletic Leadership Award: Richard Zhou
Most Valuable Athlete: Richard Zhou
Academic Excellence: Megan Wai

0529_045Men’s Basketball
Most Improved Athlete: Ali Elizein
Unsung Hero: Antoine Lacoste-Labelle
Athletic Leadership Award: Mitchell Keating
Most Valuable Athlete: Shamal Henry
Academic Excellence: Kévin Bouchard

0529_044Women’s Basketball
Most Improved Athlete: Trisha Villedrouin
Unsung Hero: Audrey Amanda Tornblom
Athletic Leadership Award: Coralie Dumont
Most Valuable Athlete: Coralie Dumont & Clara Dagenais
Academic Excellence: Clara Dagenais

0529_037Cross-Country Running
Most Improved Athlete: Megan Wai
Unsung Hero: Gabriel Samson
Athletic Leadership Award: Gabriel Samson
Most Valuable Athlete:  Jérémie Martin
Academic Excellence: Emile Jomphe

Rookie of the Year: Jeremy Murphy
Adam Taylor Athletic Leadership Award: Tommy Roadley-Trohatos
Most Valuable Lineman: Ryan McGuire
Most Valuable Defensive Player: Jarek Richrds
Most Valuable Offensive Player: Conor Sinclair
Academic Excellence: François Carrier

0529_039Men’s Rugby
Most Improved Athlete: Rayan Lounis
John Jones Athletic Leadership Award: Phil Labrecque
Most Valuable Forward: Ebad Ebadi
Most Valuable Back: Andrew Richa
Academic Excellence: Alexy Ouellette

0529_038Women’s Rugby
Most Improved Athlete: Maude Dubuc
Athletic Leadership Award: Leah Lavoie
Most Valuable Forward: Samantha Viau
Most Valuable Back: Mahalia Robinson
Academic Excellence: Camille Riopel-Murray

0529_043Men’s Soccer
Most Improved Athlete: Christopher Flores-Cassistas
Unsung Hero: Christian Morel
Athletic Leadership Award: Charles DeSantis
Most Valuable Athlete: Christopher Rose
Academic Excellence: Christopher Rose

0529_042Women’s Soccer
Most Improved Athlete: Maude Poulin
Unsung Hero: Alana Mikulis
Athletic Leadership Award: Pascale Tremblay-Perrault
Most Valuable Athlete: Karima Lemire
Academic Excellence: Laurance Ste-Marie

0529_035Men’s Volleyball
Most Improved Athlete: Vinchenzo James
Unsung Hero: Michael Morningstar
Jimmy Chen Athletic Leadership Award: Vinchenzo James
Most Valuable Athlete: Evan Fuller
Academic Excellence: Evan Fuller

0529_036Women’s Volleyball
Most Improved Athlete: Gabriella Maciocia
Unsung Hero: Mathilde Chamussy
Athletic Leadership Award: Erika Patton
Most Valuable Athlete: Erika Patton
Academic Excellence: Hélène Guay

Special Awards
RTP Comeback of the Year
Will Hodges (Men’s Soccer)

The Empire-Lemontagne Award
Coralie Dumont (Women’s Basketball)
Antoine Lacoste-Labelle (Men’s Basketball)

Academic Awards
Most Improved Team
Men’s Soccer

Team With Highest Average
Cross-Country Running

Academic All-Canadians
The Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association’s Academic All-Canadian Award is Presented to a student-athlete who was has been named to their conference all-star team, provincial championship all-star team or to a CCAA nationals all-star team while having an 80% or higher average during the semester.
Laurence Ste-Marie (Women’s Soccer)
Christopher Rose (Men’s Soccer)
Charles DeSantis (Men’s Soccer)
Coralie Dumont (Women’s Basketball)
Clara Dagenais (Women’s Basketball)

RSEQ Scholar Athletes
The RSEQ honors its student athletes who have an 80% or higher average over their last two full semesters while they compete as student-athletes at their colleges. The following student-athletes have done so over the Winter 2016 and Fall 2016 semesters.

  • Catherine Albert  (Women’s Basketball)
  • Kristie Au  (Women’s Basketball)
  • Marie-Philippe Beauvais  (Women’s Soccer)
  • Kevin Bernard  (Cross-Country Running)
  • Andréanne Bolduc  (Women’s Rugby)
  • Caroline Boulanger  (Women’s Rugby)
  • Jacob Bourget  (Football)
  • François Carrier  (Football)
  • Mathilde Chamussy  (Women’s Volleyball)
  • Mariane Charbonneau  (Cross-Country Running)
  • Clara Dagenais  (Women’s Basketball)
  • Myriam Dubé  (Cross-Country Running)
  • Camille Duchesne  (Cross-Country Running)
  • Coralie Dumont  (Women’s Basketball)
  • Louis Benjamin Durocher  (Men’s Rugby)
  • Amin Ennabaoui Cools  (Cross-Country Running)
  • Sophie Fan  (Badminton)
  • Christopher Flores-Cassista  (Men’s Soccer)
  • Evan Fuller  (Men’s Volleyball)
  • Simon Gascon  (Men’s Soccer)
  • Tristan Grifo  (Cross-Country Running)
  • William Hodges  (Men’s Soccer)
  • Emile Jomphe  (Cross-Country Running)
  • Anne-Marie Lafond  (Cross-Country Running)
  • Samuel Lagloire-O’Connell  (Football)
  • Shayann-Melissande Laguerre  (Women’s Basketball)
  • Leah Lavoie  (Women’s Rugby)
  • Zoé Lord  (Women’s Rugby)
  • Gabriella Maciocia  (Women’s Volleyball)
  • Ryan McGuire  (Football)
  • Veronica Andreea Mieila  (Cross-Country Running)
  • Hadrien Muller  (Football)
  • Alexy Ouellette  (Men’s Rugby)
  • Shelby Ovans  (Women’s Rugby)
  • Erika Patton  (Women’s Volleyball)
  • Benjamin Pearson  (Football)
  • Jessica Poisson  (Women’s Rugby)
  • Maude Poulin  (Women’s Soccer)
  • Camille Riopel-Murray  (Women’s Rugby)
  • Sydney Roche  (Women’s Volleyball)
  • Christopher Rose  (Men’s Soccer)
  • Ana Maria Rota  (Women’s Rugby)
  • Benjamin Semujanga  (Men’s Rugby)
  • Laurance Ste-Marie  (Women’s Soccer)
  • Rosy Teasdale  (Cross-Country Running)
  • Annie Tessier  (Badminton)
  • Alexandre Therrien  (Cross-Country Running)
  • Noémie Toutant  (Cross-Country Running)
  • Pascale Tremblay-Perreault  (Women’s Soccer)
  • Kyeona Vassell  (Women’s Volleyball)
  • Samantha Viau  (Women’s Rugby)
  • Trishia Villedrouin  (Women’s Basketball)
  • Jennifer Wai  (Badminton)
  • Megan Wai  (Cross-Country Running)
  • Richard Zhou  (Badminton)

Graduating Cavaliers
Over 70 Cavaliers will be graduating this year. Students “With Distinction” are graduating students who have attained and maintained an 80%+ over their playing careers.

  • Alexandre Abile
  • Jérome Arsenault
  • Kheila Aurelius-Mongeau
  • Kurtis Bell
  • Kevin Bernard (With Distinction)
  • Andréanne Bolduc (With Distinction)
  • Caroline Boulanger (With Distinction)
  • Jacob Bourget
  • Sébastien Bourque-Gomes
  • Mathilde Chamussy (With Distinction)
  • Mariane Charbonneau (With Distinction)
  • Ireland Compton
  • Clara Dagenais (With Distinction)
  • Charles Davidson-Parent
  • Charles De Santis
  • Myriam Dubé (With Distinction)
  • Camille Duchesne (With Distinction)
  • Coralie Dumont (With Distinction)
  • Louis Benjamin Durocher
  • Tae Ekperuoh
  • Sophie Fan (With Distinction)
  • Simon Faucher
  • Evan Fuller (With Distinction)
  • Simon Gascon
  • Tristan Grifo (With Distinction)
  • Emile Jomphe (With Distinction)
  • Mitchell Keating
  • Ilyas Kurbanov
  • Philippe Labrecque
  • Antoine Lacoste-Labelle
  • Anne-Marie Lafond (With Distinction)
  • Samuel Lagloire-O’Connell (With Distinction)
  • Leah Lavoie (With Distinction)
  • Matthew Lepine
  • Nicolas Levasseur-Patenaude
  • Foo Quyen Li
  • Sammi Ma
  • Gabriella Maciocia
  • Robert Mahoney
  • Ryan McGuire
  • Sami Mestiri
  • Alana Mikulis
  • Danika Miron
  • Hadrien Muller (With Distinction)
  • Yves Roland Ngouadjeu Fouetio (With Distinction)
  • Alexy Ouellette (With Distinction)
  • Erika Patton (With Distinction)
  • Benjamin Pearson (With Distinction)
  • Maude Poulin (With Distinction)
  • Jordan Preziuso
  • Marie-Pier Racette
  • Jarek Richards
  • Camille Riopel-Murray (With Distinction)
  • Tommy Roadley-Trohatos
  • Michael Romito
  • Christopher Rose (With Distinction)
  • Benjamin Semujanga (With Distinction)
  • Conor Sinclair
  • Laurance Ste-Marie (With Distinction)
  • Kevin St-Pierre
  • Rosy Teasdale (With Distinction)
  • Alexandre Therrien (With Distinction)
  • Alix Tremblay
  • Pascale Tremblay-Perreault
  • Kacey Vadeboncoeur-Bourque
  • Kyeona Vassell (With Distinction)
  • Marie Veilleux
  • Samantha Viau (With Distinction)
  • Megan Wai (With Distinction)
  • Jennifer Wai (With Distinction)
  • Brent Wilky
  • Richard Zhou (With Distinction)