2012-13 Cavaliers Honoured at Annual Awards Banquet

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The Cavaliers 2012-13 seasons officially drew to a close this past Wednesday with many athletes, friends, coaches, college staff and community members getting together at the annual Cavaliers Awards Banquet. With over 235 people in attendance to celebrate being a part of the Cavalier family, it was an awesome evening. The efforts of our student-athletes in the classroom and on the field of competition were well recognized as over 100 athletic and academic awards were presented.

Team Awards handed out included:

Most Improved Athlete
Given to the student-athlete who has shown and demonstrated an improvement in their play and growth during the season.
Unsung Hero Award
Presented to the student-athlete who’s made a substantial, yet unrecognized contribution to the team.
Fair Play Award
Presented to a student-athlete who best exemplifies the principles and ideas of sportsmanship and leadership in and out of competition.
Most Valuable Athlete
Presented to the student-athlete who made an outstanding contribution to their specific team.
Academic Excellence
Presented to the student-athlete with the highest Cote-R on their team.

Team Awards


Amanda Wai (Most Improved Athlete)
Xavier Tousignant (Unsung Hero)
Andy Fung (Fair Play Award)
Antony Lam (Most Valuable Athlete)
Henry Chow (Academic Excellence)


Men’s Basketball

Sebastien Denault (Most Improved Athlete)
Alexandre Paquin (Unsung Hero)
Pierre-Olivier Joyal (Fair Play Award)
Kenny Jean-Louis (Most Valuable Athlete)
Alexandre Paquin (Academic Excellence)


Women’s Basketball

Jennifer Mathurin (Most Improved Athlete)
Kathleen Bélanger-Finn (Unsung Hero)
Jeanne Gaumont (Fair Play Award)
Jessica Fequière (Most Valuable Athlete)
Joséanne Bélanger-Naud (Academic Excellence)



Natalie Pepiot (Most Improved Athlete)
Mayela Zapata (Fair Play Award)
Jessie Pham (Most Valuable Flyer)
Mona Zemzemi (Most Valuable Base)
Annie-Victoria Edma (Most Valuable Back)
Natalie Pepiot (Academic Excellence)


Cross-Country Running

Laurence Francoeur (Most Improved Athlete)
Emile Labbé (Unsung Hero)
Marianne Myre (Fair Play Award)
Sophie Bernard (Most Valuable Athlete)
Gabrielle Dupéré (Academic Excellence)



Kenneth Mitchell (Rookie of the Year)
Mike McAdam (Adam Taylor Fair Play Award)
Steven Gusew (Most Valuable Lineman)
Rashawn Perry (Most Valuable Defensive Player)
Jonathan Mack (Most Valuable Offensive Player)
Anthony T. Garant (Academic Excellence)


Men’s Rugby

Laurent Jomphe (Most Improved Athlete)
Nicolas Neault (John Jones Fair Play Award)
Justine Lemire (Most Valuable Forward)
Jérémy Fabre (Most Valuable Back)
Andrei Bursuc (Academic Excellence)


Women’s Rugby

Catherine Giroux (Most Improved Athlete)
Jackie Esono (John Jones Fair Play Award)
Emilye Rochette (Most Valuable Forward)
Marley Chase (Most Valuable Back)
Laurence Perron (Academic Excellence)


Men’s Soccer

Mamadi Camara (Most Improved Athlete)
Antoine Laliberte (Unsung Hero)
Olivier Georges (Fair Play Award)
Julio Moncada (Most Valuable Athlete)
Nicolas Dupuis (Academic Excellence)


Women’s Soccer

Catherine McDuff-Viau (Most Improved Athlete)
Valarie Pélissier (Unsung Hero)
Frédérique Surprenant (Fair Play Award)
Camille Francoeur (Most Valuable Athlete)
Katherine Caron (Academic Excellence)


Men’s Volleyball

Laurent Caron (Most Improved Athlete)
Kévin Thammavongsa (Unsung Hero)
Brian Ancuta (Fair Play Award)
Julien Jack (Most Valuable Athlete)
Laurent Caron (Academic Excellence)


Women’s Volleyball

Alexane Dubois (Most Improved Athlete)
Andrea Iachetta (Unsung Hero)
Aurélie Beauchemin (Fair Play Award)
Véronique Fortin-Latreille (Most Valuable Athlete)
Véronique Saad (Academic Excellence)



Individual Awards


SIRC/CCAA Academic All-Canadians

Recipients are named to their respective Conference All-Star teams (1st and 2nd) in a CCAA Sport. As well, student-athletes have achieved an honours standing as defined by their institution during the last complete academic semester/term.
Sophie Bernard (Cross-Country Running)
Julio Moncada (Men’s Soccer)
Nicolas Dupuis (Men’s Soccer)


Most Improved Academic Results for a Team

Women’s Basketball


Best Academic Results for a Team

Women’s Volleyball


Female Athlete of the Year

Marley Chase (Women’s Rugby)


Male Athlete of the Year

Kenny Jean-Louis (Men’s Basketball)


Graduating Cavalier with the Highest Academic Average

Laurent Caron (Men’s Volleyball)




Pictures from the Cavaliers Awards Banquet can be found on ChamplainPhotos.Com!