55 Cavaliers Honored as 2018-19 CCAA National Scholars

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Fifty-five student-athletes from the Champlain Saint-Lambert Cavaliers have been named Canadian Collegiate Athletic Associations National Scholars for the 2018-19 academic year. This award is presented every year to student-athletes who compete in a CCAA sport and have obtained an 80% or higher average over the academic year. The Cavaliers compete in the CCAA in Men’s & Women’s Basketball, Cross-Country Running and Men’s & Women’s Soccer. Congratulations to all the student-athletes on this amazing accomplishment and a huge THANKS to the coaches, faculty and staff who have helped with the success of the Cavaliers – in the classroom and in competition.

The CCAA National Scholars for 2018-19 are:

Esai Maurancy, Basketball
Kévin Bouchard, Basketball
Ali Elzein, Basketball
Zachary Lavoie Toure, Basketball
Charles Couture, Basketball
Audrey Tornblom, Basketball
Vanessa Budimunda Bilekela, Basketball
Anne Bastien, Cross-Country Running
Jeremy Burg, Cross-Country Running
Gabriel Villiard, Cross-Country Running
Charles Gauthier, Cross-Country Running
Lia Toshkova, Cross-Country Running
Laurie Dufort, Cross-Country Running
Philippe Létourneau, Cross-Country Running
Samantha Flood, Cross-Country Running
Maxim Tchernykh, Cross-Country Running
Émile Garon, Cross-Country Running
Scott Zidle, Cross-Country Running
Camila Quiroz-Vazquez, Cross-Country Running
Claudie Vaillancourt, Cross-Country Running
Catherine Boilard, Cross-Country Running
Gabrielle Sénécal, Cross-Country Running
Christopher Quesnel, Cross-Country Running
Audrey Théberge, Cross-Country Running
David Ag Bazet, Cross-Country Running
Mathilde Parent, Cross-Country Running
Jacob Girard-Beaupré, Cross-Country Running
Camille Sylvain, Cross-Country Running

Mikael Lespérance, Cross-Country Running
Catherine Dessureault, Cross-Country Running
Frédérike Paradis, Cross-Country Running
Samuel Côté, Cross-Country Running
Mezen Jemel, Soccer
Mathieu Gobeil, Soccer
Kyle-Vincent Garcia, Soccer
Olivier d’Anjou, Soccer
Jéremy Tremblay, Soccer
Zakary Chevalier, Soccer
Antoine Léonard-Benoit, Soccer
Nicolas St. Pierre, Soccer
Nicolas Théberge, Soccer
Élisabeth Dupont, Soccer
Melissa Dagenais, Soccer
Gabrielle Cossette, Soccer
Stefanie Kouzas, Soccer
Carolann Gobeil, Soccer
Thalia Krauth-Ibarz, Soccer
Olivia Mazzarello, Soccer
Karima Lemire, Soccer
Béatrice Provencal, Soccer
Audrey Bourassa, Soccer
Kaliane Arpin-Gaba, Soccer
Frédérique St-Jean, Soccer
Kelly Cantin, Soccer
Mathilde Lefebvre Lalande, Soccer

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