2017-18 CCAA National Scholars Announced

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The Canadian Collegiate Athletic Associations National Scholar award is presented every year to student-athletes who compete in a CCAA Sport and have obtained an 80% or higher average over the academic year. The Champlain Cavaliers compete in the CCAA in Men’s & Women’s Basketball, Cross-Country Running and Men’s & Women’s Soccer and this past year, 47 of our student-athletes obtained 80% or higher academic average. Congratulations to all the student-athletes on this amazing accomplishment and a huge THANKS to the coaches, faculty and staff who have helped with the success of the Cavaliers – in the classroom and in competition.

The 2017-18 CCAA National Scholars for 2017-18 are:

Catherine Albert (Women’s Basketball)
Camille Angers (Cross-Country Running)
Anne Bastien (Cross-Country Running)
Marie-Philippe Beauvais (Women’s Soccer)
Alice Bergeron Parenteau (Cross-Country Running)
Melissa Birs (Cross-Country Running)
Marianne Blain (Women’s Soccer)
Rosalie Boudreau (Women’s Soccer)
Jeremy Burg (Cross-Country Running)
Audréanne Carbonneau (Women’s Soccer)
Faith Choi (Cross-Country Running)
Claudia Corrales (Cross-Country Running)
Samuel Côté (Cross-Country Running)
Charles Couture (Men’s Basketball)
Laurie Dufort (Cross-Country Running)
Pierre-Olivier Dussault (Cross-Country Running)
Ali Elzein (Men’s Basketball)
Christopher Flores-Cassista (Men’s Soccer)
Kyle-Vincent Garcia (Men’s Soccer)
Mathieu Gobeil (Men’s Soccer)
Mezen Jemel (Men’s Soccer)
Stefanie Kouzas (Women’s Soccer)
Shayann-Melissande Laguerre (Women’s Basketball)
Zachary Lavoie Toure (Men’s Basketball)

Megan Le Stum (Cross-Country Running)
Mathilde Lefebvre Lalande (Women’s Soccer)
Vincent Legault (Cross-Country Running)
Mikaël Lespérance (Cross-Country Running)
Louis Levasseur-Patenaude (Cross-Country Running)
Noémie Longpré (Women’s Soccer)
Jérémie Martin (Cross-Country Running)
Adéline Massé (Cross-Country Running)
Esaïe Maurancy (Men’s Basketball)
Olivia Mazzarello (Women’s Soccer)
Jonathan Meloche (Cross-Country Running)
Justine Pelletier (Cross-Country Running)
Jessica Poisson (Cross-Country Running)
Dyliam Sydavong-Ok (Men’s Soccer)
Maxim Tchernykh (Cross-Country Running)
Ariane Théberge (Cross-Country Running)
Audrey Tornblom (Women’s Basketball)
Lia Toshkova (Cross-Country Running)
Noémie Toutant (Cross-Country Running)
Alexandru Turcan (Cross-Country Running)
Alicia Vanier (Cross-Country Running)
Trishia Villedrouin (Women’s Basketball)
Scott Zidle (Cross-Country Running)

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